How Your Neighbor Sees Your Apartment

When a neighbor is visiting your apartment for the first time, it does not come as a surprise to anyone when he starts a commentary on the ‘state’ of it. Words of surprise, wonder, awe, or disgust should be expected, and that should be the least of your worries.

He will first scan your apartment, which is one of apartments in Mufreesboro TN, take in all the details, from the olive green color of the walls of the living room to the grandfather clock ticking away on one corner, to the neatly stacked book-case under the Van Gogh painting, to even the titles in the book-case, to a lot many things that you could not possibly comprehend. Keeping this apartment spick and span is essential anyway, but the task suddenly becomes more essential and gains importance when it is your neighbor visiting.

Neighbors normally judge critically, and are very outright at that. Commenting is the next step that follows and is often not very pleasant for your ears. Mostly it is all about him not agreeing to the shade of the tablecloth or the placement of the bronze figurine on the mantelpiece. Apartments are naturally the only places where one could bond with their neighbors, and hence all the bad-taste comments could only in fact be in very good-taste.

Pleasing this all important gentleman and getting him to like your apartment is very necessary, and vital to one’s social being. Apartments are places where one connects with a neighbor, and where friends for a lifetime are materialized. He could be critical in the beginning but after all it’s just an apartment and maybe it would all be for the good. The neighbor will act like the third person visitor to your home who would not be the goody-two shoes just so as to please you. He sees the apartment closely, marks the tilted photo frame and the misplaced rug, the grime on top of the microwave oven and the lopsided books, the un-fluffed cushions and the shoes out of the shoe-rack. In short, he could be aptly called as the one who provides the microscopic view of your apartment.

Serve him your best home-made cookies and give him your finest black coffee, do small talk and laugh at every pause, appreciate his demeanor and talk positive about his apartment. These little factors greatly help in building the rapport and could ignite the momentum between your neighbor and you. A well-known fact it is anyway that keeping good relations with your neighbor, and pleasing him to a great extent will ultimately help you in the long run, when you would need a cup of milk or a screwdriver or even help during an emergency, he would be the first person to turn to.

Keeping this in mind, make sure your apartment is immaculate for the neighbor to visit, for he is the one who will guide you through a new neighborhood or area.