How to fit in all your books in that little apartment

A book lover’s paradise would be that perfect apartment where all his 3000+ titles could fit in. Finding free space to store those books is a challenging task for all apartment tenants. Foregoing a few titles, or compromising on them just because there is not enough space to accommodate those books, is out of question, and cannot even be given a thought.

Space-related issues could get a person to find innovative solutions for storage, like using that vacant space under the bed, the empty wall in the living room, the shelves in the crockery cupboard, the rack on top of the windowsill, etc. Vertical or horizontal shelves could be constructed in order to store the books, suiting the dimensions of the apartment.

A dedicated library to store all books, and a comfortable reading space could add to beautifying those apartments in Mufreesboro TN. If there is no room space to build a library, alternate options could be a corner space created in the living room or bedroom. This corner could have floor to ceiling book shelves placed in a manner that covers the area, could suffice for storing the books and at the same time creating a mini library area with a suitable reading chair. This library area could also be aesthetically created near a window so as to give it an airy and spaced out feel rather than a closed and dull look. Proper lighting in the library also goes a long way in brightening the place.

Alternatively, a duplex apartment could have a library under the staircase, which makes good use of the unused wall space below the stairs, with creative placement of books and mantelpieces along the shelves. Additionally, TV cupboards could be designed in such a manner so as to accommodate books all around it. This will enhance the look and feel of the entire living room. The dining area could also be transformed into a mini library, with very little alterations and a little creativity. The cupboard where crockery is displayed so proudly could alternately also have books in every other shelf. This will give the dining area a new and fresh look, and which would indicate that places for dining and lunching can also be used alternately for other purposes like reading and thinking, with the slight addition of a reading chair.

With all these ideas of transforming the apartment into a ready library could not only add the little extra shine to your home, but also suggest that the size of the apartment needn’t necessarily be huge for you to accommodate a library room, and that merely a small area could suffice for the book lovers, who are constantly on the lookout for that space to store their most valued possessions.