Children's art from "Art To Go" ~ an outreach program funded by Gibbes, etc.


Welcome to Gibbes, etc.

Gibbes, etc. is an organization of Kiawah and Cassique women committed to support the Gibbes Museum of Art.

Since its inception in 2001, Gibbes, etc. has raised over $1,300,000 to support an array of museum exhibitions and art education. The majority of the successful fund raising is realized through the acclaimed April Kiawah Art & House Tour. Learn more -- (click through to HOUSE TOUR page).

Over $100,000 has been donated to the museum to sponsor the following exhibitions and initiatives for the coming year:

Photography and the American Civil War

Romantic Spirits: Nineteenth Century Paintings of the South

Art To Go

We are proud that proceeds from our House Tour enable us to reach a wide audience of art lovers, including many who are in the early stage of exploring their appreciation for art. Such is the case with Art to Go, an outreach art education program taught on Johns Island by Gibbes Teaching Artists. Click here to learn more.

Throughout the year, Gibbes, etc. features speakers and gallery tours that expand membersí perspectives and insights into art. Through social progressive dinner parties, plantation luncheons, and educational lectures, the women of Gibbes, etc. enrich their lives and their community.

Visit our Calendar for a schedule of upcoming events.

Officers of Gibbes, etc.

President - Jeannie Dolson
Vice President -  Jodi Rush
Secretary - Marsha Gewirtzman
Treasurer - Anna Mickiewicz
Events Chair - Margaret Strauss
Museum Liaison - Ginny Brush
Nominating Committee Chair - Helen Patch

2014 Kiawah Art and House Tour Co-Chairs- Anne Cotton & Becky Hilstad